VALLA is based on a previous project: WAVE (Working in Aquaculture-Validation of Experience), a three-year project (2003 - 2006) funded by the EU LEONARDO DA VINCI Programme.

WAVE identified and recognised the skills and knowledge needed for work in the European Aquaculture sector (primary production only) using a competency based approach. The WAVE project has:

WAVE was developed to meet the needs of the emerging EQF and EHEA frameworks in order to help the aquaculture sector face the demands of future European education. The WAVE major deliverable, the European Master List of Competencies for the sector, was created by means of wide-ranging consultation with the workers and employers in European fish farms, trade associations, colleges and training organisations as well as regulatory authorities. This "bottom-up' approach was necessary for the Master List to have acceptance and approval by the whole European industry.

For more information please go to www.waveproject.com


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