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VET - Vocational Education and Training

Bordeaux Communiqué

Ministerial Council Conclusions on the future priorities for enhanced European cooperation in VET, from meeting in Bordeaux, 26 November 2008.

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European Universities' Charter for Lifelong Learning

The European Universities' Charter for Lifelong Learning was launched on 12th October 2008 after consultation with all members of the EUA (European Universities Association with more than 800 members), 34 national rectors' conferences and a wide range of European stakeholder organisations, including students and business.

The Charter sets out 10 policy commitments, from wider access to learning, diversifying the student population and increasing the attractiveness of study programmes to the embracing of lifelong learning in a quality culture, strengthening the relationship between research, teaching and innovation, and developing partnerships at local, regional, national and international level.

The Charter also calls on governments to provide "the appropriate legal and financial frameworks to develop lifelong learning". Specific commitments are asked for here too. (The full charter can be downloaded from the EUA website:

Key Competences for Lifelong Learning - European Reference Framework
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European Qualifications Framework (EQF):


Non-formal & informal learning:

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