WP4 - From competences to Learning Outcomes

The aim of VALLA Work Package 4 From competences to Learning Outcomes - was to test the efficiency of the VALLA online tool, which has been developed as a method of helping users/trainers to present courses/units in a format suitable for submission to an awarding body. This was to be done by choosing exemplars from a range of coursesrepresentative of different types of courses which at present lack formal validation/accreditation in both VET and HE education. Such courses/training experiences are often formative educational experiences which are rightly regarded as valuable, from several points of view. These exemplars/case studies are at the heart of the VALLA project and we see their influence as guidelines for the sector as constituting its most important justification.

The case studies were based on two important areas:

  1. unaccredited sectoral skill acquisition courses (professional short training courses, mobility exchanges, 2-day workshops for industry, candidates undergoing on-the-job-training).
  2. non-standard aspects of higher education courses (course work units, field trips, mobility exchanges).



  1. 20 case studies with completed templates
  2. Feedback report on tool and overall exercise (internal document).
  3. Report analyzing and valuing of the case studies by the sector

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