Occupational mapping of the European Aquaculture Sector


An Occupational Map identifies the key job roles within an industry and then the Functional Map can be followed from broad functional areas through to more detailed functions to enable you to find specific competencies. The Functional Map provides a framework from which to develop and revise Occupational Standards. It describes the outcomes (functions) of work activities, rather than the process involved. This approach helps in defining occupational competence in terms of performance within the workplace.

The development of a Functional Map begins with the definition of the industry. The next stage is to define the key functions that may be carried out by the industry and the process is continued until the functions or activities identified can be carried out by an individual rather than by a team or organisation. Not every organisation within the industry will carry out all of the functions or activities included in the map but should be able to identify those that apply.

Once individual activities have been defined, national occupational standards can be developed. The VALLA online tool will allow the Functional Map to be searched for the competencies needed, either on an individual level or for a whole team, across the range of occupational functions.


  1. Introduction to the VALLA Occupational and Functional maps
  2. Comprehensive Functional Analysis of the Sector
  3. Occupational Map of the European Aquaculture sector
  4. Best Practice Guidelines on how to create a European Sectoral Occupational Map
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